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Out of the children who received doses, 67% are white, while only 12% are Latino and 3% are Black, Ezike said at online the hearing held in Chicago. The low vaccination rates could be due to the lack of access to health care providers in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods and misinformation about the vaccine. At the hearing, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot noted that getting the vaccine to students requires getting “the parents on board. That’s really what it’s about.” The numbers reported by the state come shortly after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5-11. The Biden administration has urged governments to make schools the centerpiece of their outreach strategy. In an interview with Chalkbeat in September, Ezike said the state would be working with pediatricians and pediatric groups, family physicians, and different providers to reach younger children. In addition, she said Wednesday, the state will continue to work with schools to establish vaccination clinics. Ezike and Lightfoot testified about the city’s and state’s efforts to vaccinate residents and how they have tried to combat hesitancy, especially among people of color. Statewide, among residents who are fully vaccinated, 60.4% are white, 14.6% are Hispanic, 10.6% are Black, and 6.6% are Asian American. Misinformation and the lack of retail pharmacies in Black and Latino neighborhoods have contributed to hesitancy among Illinoisans of color, Ezike told the subcommittee.


Tirrel Miller (left), director of quality, and Mike Flot, quality assurance manager, at PetDine. — PetDine announced Oct. 26 the appointment of Mike Flot as quality assurance manager, and the promotion of Tirrel Miller to director of quality. This expansion of its quality department is expected to strengthen the pet supplement co-manufacturer’s commitment to Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards. “This move supports our core value for the highest-quality contract manufacturing practices in the pet industry,” said Preston Munsch, founding partner at PetDine. “Tirrel will now take on enhanced responsibilities within our Quality division and work with Mike to reinforce our rigorous quality assurance operations, enabling us to further stress product quality and mitigate risk to meet expectations of clients and end-consumers.” Flot brings management and senior-level leadership experience to his new role, having previously served as senior director of food safety and quality with Claremont Foods and vice president of food safety and quality with Fresca Foods. Miller, who was hired to PetDine’s quality assurance team as a quality assurance manager in June, will lead web site PetDine’s quality assurance team, focusing on upholding the company’s SQF certification and standards set by Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS), an arm of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). “PetDine is never one to rest on its laurels when it comes to helping clients bring superior products to market and doing what is ultimately best for happier, healthier pets,” Miller said. “Mike’s skills and experience will instantly strengthen our quality control processes through increased oversight at every level, resulting in maximum product quality outcomes that ensure pet treats and chews are ‘made better’.”    PetDine recently announced several capacity expansions, including increased production capabilities at its Harvard, Ill. facility, a $25 million investment to expand its Windsor, Colo. plant, a new 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, and the opening of its Martina Holmes Innovation Lab in July.